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Membership Advantages
USCTI membership provides invaluable resources for cutting tool manufacturers and trading partners, including:

  • A wealth of industry information
  • Networking
  • Market and industry trends
  • Vital human resources and labor relations information
  • Assistance in promoting your business to the world
  • Connectivity to and networking with other companies
  • Valuable technical resources

Access A Wealth of Information
By joining USCTI, you will benefit from a wealth of useful information on the cutting tool industry. In addition, you will be included in and have access to a dynamic Institute Web Site, where you’ll have valuable information right at your fingertips, including bulletins, product standards, specifications, and market data/statistics, as well as Institute activities and programs, including:

  • The exchange of ideas and information between industry peers
  • Collection and dissemination of data on cutting tool production and sales
  • Promotion of advances in engineering and manufacturing techniques
  • Standardization of cutting tool sizes, geometry, dimensions, and tolerances to assist end-users and manufacturers
  • Representation of the cutting tool industry in matters of business and national concern

USCTI members have unique opportunities to learn more about emerging technologies and industry trends and (1) help develop product standards that have an impact on their business and (2) participate in a variety of workshops and seminars on key business and industry issues.

USCTI executives have frequent opportunities to share ideas and information with senior executives of the cutting tool industry’s leading manufacturers.

Other opportunities for connecting with fellow members include USCTI’s two national meetings, held during the year. At these premier industry meetings, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with other members, exchange ideas, and hear lively panel discussions and presentations covering timely business issues, such as manufacturing and machining trends, market forecasting, trademarks and patents, the Internet, e-commerce, and environmental regulations.

Our comprehensive Human Resources Program allows you and your human resources manager to exchange information with your peers on key personnel issues.

Market Data and Trends
The Institute’s statistics program provides valuable, accurate, and comprehensive industry data and information for management. This information can help you assess your company’s performance and market share and assist in identifying emerging industry and business trends.

Statistical information available through USCTI includes:

  • USCTI Cyclical Analysis & Forecast
  • Product Line Statistics Report – A detailed monthly analysis of cutting tool shipments by specific product types.
  • Current Business Report – A composite indicator of members’ incoming orders and monthly billings. This report also tracks billings per employee, shipments of coated tools, and the ratio of standards to specials.
  • Survey of Operating Ratios – An annual look at key financial performance indicators.
  • Early Warning Forecast – A quarterly economic forecast, and a more specific cutting tool industry business forecast.

Personnel and Human Resources Information
USCTI’s comprehensive Human Resources Program includes regular H.R. meetings and updates on timely personnel issues, as well as two very valuable surveys specific to cutting tool companies: (1) Middle Management and Supervisory Salary Survey – Information on annual salaries and bonuses for more than 40 positions and (2) Wage and Fringe Benefits Survey – An annual compilation of wage rates and fringe benefits for hourly plant workers. A labor contract exchange program is also available.

Promoting Your Business Globally
USCTI assists member companies wishing to expand their export activities by hosting a pavilion during the European Machine Tool Show (EMO). One of the largest metalworking trade shows in the world, EMO is held every other year, and alternates between Hannover and Milan. This virtually turnkey arrangement provides USCTI members with access to the European markets and beyond.

USCTI also has been involved with Metal Working China. This international metal working exhibition is held every other year in Shanghai.

In recent years, USCTI has also developed a valuable liaison with the European Cutting Tools Association. The first-ever World Conference for Manufacturers of Metal-Cutting Tools, held in April 1998, resulted from this liaison. The World Conference has been held every three years since and is planned as a recurring industry event in the future, bringing together top Industry executives from all corners of the globe.

The Institute also works with prominent trade publications to expand awareness of its activities and gain wider recognition for its members. These promotional efforts result in greater stature for the Institute and its members.

USCTI’s Web site offers another opportunity to promote your business. Hyperlinks to individual Web sites allow potential customers to obtain more details about each company.

Access to Valuable Technical Resources
USCTI is recognized as a leading source of vital technical information on cutting tools.

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